Third Party Authorities

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Third Party Authorities.

When we begin working on your Statement of Advice we require information from your superannuation and insurance providers. This part of the process is important as it gives us accurate information of your current financial position so we can develop strategic solutions tailored to you.

For us to be able to obtain relevant information from your current superannuation and insurance providers, we require a Third-Party Authorisation Request signed by you. A Client Authorisation form will be given to you after we know which providers you are with as all providers have different forms and requirements.

Superannuation and insurance providers do not accept digital signatures, therefore your wet signature is essential. A wet signature is when a person manually signs their name with a pen on a hard copy paper document. For authentication, the superannuation and insurance providers compare your wet signature on your Third-Party Authorisation Request with your signature on your drivers licence.

For your peace of mind, Third Party Authorisation does not allow us to change anything on your account. It simply provides us with authority to access information essential for your financial planning.