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Superannuation and Self Managed Super Fund Advice.

As the name implies, a Self Managed Super Fund, or SMSF, is a private super fund that you manage yourself. So it’s no surprise that control is the number one reason people give when asked why they chose to fly solo.
Superannuation is a tax-effective strategy and, when managed well, can become a very effective wealth accumulation tool.

There are roughly 600,000 SMSFs in Australia, each investing on average $1,000,000 within their fund. These numbers continue to increase each year as more people elect to invest their own savings to take more control and provide an appropriate level of income in their retirement. 

The team at Smart Private Wealth are award-winning SMSF experts, creating intelligent and strategic superannuation and investment plans centered around our client's goals and lifestyle.

We typically manage wealth, investment and property portfolios from $1M - $20M and protect our clients with appropriate personal insurance as part of our advice process. The key for us is working with individuals who want to be actively interested in their financial future. We get genuinely excited when our clients’ take the steps to help them reach their self-defined goals.

Rethink what your money can do.

Our Smart Private Wealth financial advisers are SMSF experts. Have a chat to see how we can help you look at your superannuation and retirement planning differently.