The Value Of Financial Advice

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Financial wellbeing is a critical component of overall wellbeing.

Australians regularly worry about money. If it’s not creeping into their thoughts every day, then they’re thinking about it at least once a month. And money worries are not restricted to those who might be thought of as financially disadvantaged — around two in five (38.6%) Australians with at least A$1 million of investable assets say they worry about money at least monthly.*

Financial advice is a proven way of addressing the stress and anxiety that often accompany money matters.

Given the link between financial wellbeing and other aspects of wellbeing, it is perhaps surprising that more Australians don’t join the dots and see addressing financial issues as a step towards improving their overall wellbeing. While around three-quarters (77.3%) of Australians have been to see their GP to address personal wellbeing issues, and more than a third (35.0%) have been to see a mental health professional for the same reason, only a quarter (24.9%) of Australians have been to see a financial adviser.*

* Data from Fidelity International: The Value of Advice Report 2020

Improve your wellbeing.

Good quality financial advice will help you see the possibilities. It creates a clearer, more positive mindset and a sense of peace helping achieve overall better health and wellbeing for your body, your mind and your finances.