If Aged Care Advice is Confusing...Get Advice

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If Aged Care Advice is Confusing...Get Advice

Many people think they can’t afford to get aged care advice, but the reality is you probably can’t afford not to get advice.

RADs, DAPs, MPIRs, MTAs and ACATs !! These are just a few of the acronyms you will face when navigating aged care decisions. It might even feel like you’ve landed in a foreign country where you don’t understand the language or the rules.

Navigating your way through aged care and the jargon is not easy. Frustration, confusion and anxiety are feelings you are likely to experience, especially if you have arrived at this point with little preparation.

Our advice follows a logical process to consider the financial situation when you first move into care, what will change after that move, what the situation will look like after two years and what to expect when the estate needs to be finalised. This helps to anticipate future changes and mitigate problems as much as possible.

When aged care decisions go badly, the mistakes can be costly both financially and emotionally. Let us take away some of the stress – we are licensed financial advisers and have the experience and qualifications to help you make well-informed aged care decisions. .

Logical Aged-Care Advice.

Let us help minimise the stress and confusion into understanding aged-care.