We will look at your:

  • business’s legal structure. The ATO’s rules may be changing and we want to make sure your structure suits your business;
  • business’s costs, and whether they can be reduced;
  • business’s income, and whether it can be increased;
  • risk insurances, to maximize cost efficiency, to minimize/control perceived risks, and to make sure you are not over-insured;
  • choice of super fund, and how your super is invested;
  • debt management strategy;
  • asset protection strategy;
  • investment strategy including property investments;
  • retirement strategy;
  • estate planning strategy; and

how you and your family can get the best out of your financial planning profile.

Our Difference:

  • Best New Partner of the year.
  • Personal touch
  • Boutique and niche
  • Expertise at partner level in medical consultancy
  • Appreciation of the medical professional as a unique client with unique needs
  • High level of service.


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