Financial Advice For Medical Professionals

At SMART we help medical professionals make the right financial decisions that enable them to build personal wealth and set up and run successful Private Practices.

Our clients include general practitioners, physiotherapists, dentists, osteopaths, optometrists as well as medical specialists and surgeons. We recognise that running a medical clinic is very demanding and dealing with public health issues can be stressful. We also understand that medical professionals are time poor and often neglect their financial health.

It came to our attention that not a single firm in our area recognised the need to treat medical professionals as their own unique class of client. Others try to squeeze doctors into a ‘wealthy client’ fits all category. That is how our financial planning tailored for medical professionals was born.

Focusing on doctors has enabled us to attain greater understanding of their uniqueness. They differ to any other client’s profile in regards to the business cycle, cash flow, and staffing – just to name a few. Unique needs require individually tailored solutions.

We look at:

  • practice’s legal structure. The ATO’s rules may be changing and we want to make sure your structure suits your business;
  • practice’s costs, and whether they can be reduced;
  • practice’s income, and whether it can be increased;
  • risk insurances, to maximize cost efficiency, to minimize/control perceived risks, and to make sure you are not over-insured;
  • choice of super fund, and how your super is invested;
  • Self-managed Superannuation Fund
  • debt management strategy;
  • asset protection strategy;
  • investment strategy including property investments;
  • retirement strategy;
  • estate planning strategy.

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